Tanzania Revenue Authority - What are the important aspects to consider when completing your return of income?
  • The return requires you to specify your chargeable income. This would include:
    • your total income
    • any repatriated income of your domestic permanent establishment
    • if you were non-resident during the year of income and tax paid by withholding and installment for which tax credit is available for the year of income
  • you must check the business or investment financial information pages sent with the return to ensure all the pages required for your various types of business or investment income and gains have been received.  If any pages are missing or you require supplementary pages, these should be requisitioned from your nearest TRA Office or through the  Call Centre
  • you are responsible for filing a correct return. The filed return may be checked to ensure it is correct and there are penalties chargeable for supplying false information or omitting income. If you need assistance in completing your return, contact your nearest TRA Office or the Call Centre
  • if you require an extension to the due date for filing the return, you should make an application for the Commissioner’s approval before the statutory due date
  • when you have completed your return, make sure that you have filled in all the information requested. Once you have done this,     sign and date the declaration and send the completed form to TRA. Send the form with any supporting calculations, supplementary pages and audited accounts (financial statements). It is a good idea to keep a copy of the completed return for your own records.