Tanzania Revenue Authority - Corporate Plan

Dear Taxpayers,

We would like to remind you that, due date for filling and paying PAYE and other withholding taxes for the month of April 2017 is on or before 05/05/2017.

We appreciate for your prompt payment.

“File and pay your tax liability timely”

In case of any problem, please call 0800780078, 0800750075 or send us email on services@tra.go.tz


Over the last two decades Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) has matured from a tax administration that provides tax type services for revenue collection to an efficient organisation that delivers one stop shop services for all types of taxes which has steered service delivery to the level of ISO 9001:2008 certification for the organisation. The organisation is managed through processes and systems with all operations guided by the Corporate Plans which have evolved from the first, second, third and current fourth. The first Corporate Plan focused on institutional and capacity building of TRA, the second focused on integration of domestic operations from tax type to functional basis for effective service delivery, the third focused on automation of operations to enhance effectiveness of operations while the fourth looks at enhancing domestic revenue mobilisation through effective utilisation of ICT in order to offer convenient services to taxpayers while improving compliance.

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