TRA through Taxpayer Service and Education Department has various strategies of educating Taxpayers and public .one of the strategy is to establish the Tax clubs in Secondary Schools and higher learning institution in the country, this strategy is one way of increasing tax compliance through slogan of ‘’Bend a fish while is not yet dry’’.
What is Tax Club
Is the group of students in the Secondary schools and higher learning Institution who join together with the aim of enhancement of various tax knowledge.

The aim of establishing Tax club are;
• To prepare future Taxpayers
• To prepare future Tax Experts
• To enhance various tax knowledge to the young generation
• To prepare young generation in fulfilment of their tax obligations when starting to generate income
• To provide education they received to their colleague students and their family
• To build the culture of demand and issue of receipt whenever they buy or sell a goods or services
• To mobilize the young generation in tax compliance due to the reason that one the benefit of tax is to finance education sector

Who is required to be Tax Club Member?

Member of the tax club is any secondary student.

How is Tax Club Structure?

Actually the Tax club has no limit number of members every Secondary School or higher learning Institution student is voluntally be a member and the membership free and the leaders of Tax Club is 1. Chairperson 2. Secretary General 3. Other Assistants 4. Patron/Matron (Who is appointed by responsible Secondary School Management). The main activity of the Patron/Matron is to supervise the Tax Club management.

When Members are required to attend the meeting.

Meeting of the Club Members shall be at least every month.

What are Club Members activities?
• To discuss various tax issues
• To visit TRA offices in order to increase tax knowledge
• To participate in Tax debate within and outside the School
• To issue tax education to other students who are non-members

How Students benefit with Tax Club?
• To increase the tax knowledge
• Member is responsible to help the Government by educate other non-members
• To enable members, pass the examination which involve tax matters
• To issue Certificate of Appreciation to outgoing members when completed their studies to recognized their membership
• To be in a good place of study especially in tax matters
• To have good chance to be employed by TRA

TRA responsibilities in management of Tax Clubs
• To mobilize students in the Secondary Schools to join the Club
• To provide cooperation and ensure the purpose of Tax Clubs are fulfilling
• To provide Tax education to club members and make sure that all tax managed TRA are well understanding
• To distribute Tax education materials to the Tax Clubs
• To prepare Tax debate which tax clubs join together to discuss tax issues