ā€‹ Tanzania Revenue Authority - WHY EFDs is preferred?
  • It has in-built Fiscal Memory which cannot be erased by mechanical, chemical or electromagnetic interferences;
  • Automatic self-enforcing Issuing of daily ā€œZā€ report after every 24 hours;
  • Transmits tax information to TRA system automatically;
  • It has irreversible date mechanism
  • Issues fiscal receipts/invoice which is uniquely identifiable;
  • It can be used as a stand-alone and configured into a network;
  • It has at least 48 hours power backup, and it can use external battery in areas with no electricity supply;
  • It saves configured data and records on permanent fiscal memory automatically
  • It has tax memory capacity that stores data for at least 5 years or 1800 day transactions
  • Avoids conflict during audit and assessment of tax.
  • Simplify and ease objection and appeals