TRA Contacts


Postcode:28 Edward Sokoine Drive,11105 Mchafukoge, Ilala CBD, P.O.Box 11491, Dar es salaam, Tanzania 

TRA Call Centre

Please use the call centre for general enquiries, requests, complaints and report or obtain information on the availability of TRA business systems. All TRA customers are encouraged to use this service from wherever they are.

Calls from Tanzania will be free:

            0800 750 075 

             0800 780 078 

The call centre working hours will be from 08.00 am to 07.00 pm East African time, Monday to Friday except public holiday.

TRA Regional Offices

Find all contact details for regional offices here.


  • Kagera Regional Manager
    Phone: +255 28 2220390
  • Iringa Regional Manager
    Phone: +255 26 2700144
  • Morogoro Regional Manager
    Phone: +255 23 261 4192
  • Dodoma Regional Manager
    Phone: +255 26 232 2912