TANCIS is a necessary initiative to equip TRA with the technology to keep pace with and respond effectively to increasing traffic and business volumes in international trade. In recent years, both transit and goods imported for local market consumption have experienced significant incremental gains while administrative resources have largely remained unchanged. A more conducive investment climate in Tanzania and political settlement in most of its neighbouring countries have contributed to this continuing escalation in international trade in Tanzania.

Consequently, there is a continuous demand from the business community for increases in the quality and efficiency of service by Customs. The Customs administration system in use could no longer support endeavours to meet the needs both of Customs and businesses engaged. Semi-automated and disintegrated operations in Customs were contributing too much to the inefficiencies experienced in the cargo clearance chain. Moreover, the Customs System had become decreasingly effective in helping Customs to control some of the more complex operations. It became clear that the introduction of advanced information and communication technologies (ICT) would be crucial to achieve the desired balance between trade facilitation and effective control. Furthermore, these advances are aimed at increasing the competitiveness of Tanzanian exporters, attracting further foreign investment and fully exploiting new business opportunities.