Tanzania Revenue Authority - What are the features of SCT?

Dear Taxpayers,

We would like to remind you that, due date for filling and paying PAYE and other withholding taxes for the month of April 2017 is on or before 05/05/2017.

We appreciate for your prompt payment.

“File and pay your tax liability timely”

In case of any problem, please call 0800780078, 0800750075 or send us email on services@tra.go.tz

The following are the features of the SCT

  • Goods are cleared at the first point of entry;
  • Customs declarations are made once at the destination country;
  • Taxes are paid at the point of destination when goods are still at the first point of entry;
  • Goods are moved under a single bond from the port to destination;
  • Goods are monitored by electronic cargo tracking system;
  • Interconnected Customs systems;
  • Minimized internal controls / checks