Tanzania Revenue Authority - Public Auction



This is to notify the general public that the under listed goods will be sold by public auction or disposed of in a manner the Commissioner for Customs and Excise may deem fit if they remain un-cleared from the Customs area within thirty (30) days from the date of this notice.

The Auction Sales will be conducted at Swiss Port, Misugusugu, Musoma, Sirari and various Inland Containers Depot (ICDs) located in Dar es salaam from 10:00 am on the dates and places as shown below:-

1.  Monday the 13th March, 2017 – TPA, PMM, MOFED, SWISSPORT, MISUGUSUGU, MUSOMA and SIRARI.

2. Thursday the 16th March, 2017 – AFRICAN ICD, PMM, AL-HUSHOOM and TRH. 

3. Monday the 20th March, 2017 – DICD, AZAM and JEFAG

4. Monday the 3rd April, 2017 – Customs Warehouse (LW), Quality Motors, Tradcor Tanzania Limited, Motorrama (T) Ltd, Tanzania Episcopal Conference, Asco General Trading Limited, Motor Hub East Africa and City Motors.

5. Thursday the 6th April, 2017 – Africarriers Ltd, TATA Holdings (T) Ltd, Simagunga Motors Limited and Osaka Motors Limited.

6. Thursday the 20th April, 2017–Yokohama Motors Limited, Saber International Ltd and R. K. Chudasama Ltd.

The goods may be viewed by the public during working hours two days before the day of the auction. For more details please visit our website www.tra.go.tz  



1. Successful bidders will be required to pay 25% of the purchase price on the spot. The remaining 75% must       be paid within 48 hours after the auction sale;

2. Any person who makes the highest bid and fails to pay the mandatory 25% of the purchase price on the spot will be charged for the interference with the auction process with malicious intension and stern legal measures will be taken against such person;

3. Goods will be sold in lots of full consignments; and

4. Goods shall be withdrawn from the auction upon full payment of the respective duties and taxes.


Qamdiyay Akonaay 



List of overstayed goods to be auctioned on April,2017-CBW

List of overstayed goods to be auctioned on April, 2017-fast HQ

List of Overstayed Goods at Swissport1  - JNIA

List Of Overstayed Goods at Swissport2 - JNIA   

List of Overstayed Good at Swissport3 -  JNIA

List of Overstayed Good at Misugusugu

List of Overstayed Good at African ICD