Handling of Objections 

TRA shall acknowledge receipt of an objection within 5 working  days from date of receipt. 

TRA shall settle valid simple objections within 3 months, and for complex ones, within 6 months from the date of receipt. 

TRA shall communicate in writing within 5 working days after reaching an agreement on taxation issue that has been discussed with the taxpayer or his/her representative 

 Handling of Enquiries 

TRA will handle enquiries from taxpayers/stakeholders and provide prompt replies in order to improve the level of service delivery.

 TRA shall provide replies to simple enquiries within 1 day.

 TRA shall provide replies to complex enquiries within 5 working days

 Management of Complaints 

TRA will manage Complaints from taxpayers/stakeholders to the extent of meeting their satisfaction.

TRA shall manage complaints within 5 working days. 

Written Correspondence 

TRA shall respond to written correspondence within 5 working days  from the date of receiving such correspondence.


TRA shall pick telephone calls from callers within 3 ringing tones.   The officer receiving a call shall introduce him/herself and the name of the organization. 

Visits by Taxpayers 

TRA shall attend visitors within 30 minutes from the time of their arrival. 


TRA through the  Institute of Tax Administration (ITA) offers short and long professional training on tax administration to eligible applicants. Selected applicants shall be informed 3 weeks and 1 month before course commencement respectively.