In discharging its responsibility of collecting Government Revenue, TRA is committed to observe the following obligations to taxpayers/stakeholders.

6.1         To issue correct tax assessment in accordance with tax laws.  

6.2         To collect taxes according to the existing tax laws, regulations and procedures.

6.3         To provide high quality services to taxpayers and other stakeholders.

6.4         To handle all enquiries from taxpayers and other stakeholders so as to enable them fulfill their obligations.

6.5         To manage all complaints from taxpayers and stakeholders with a view to providing solutions and enable the TRA to improve service delivery.

6.6         To recruit competent staff who shall ensure quality service delivery to taxpayers and stakeholders.

6.7         To educate taxpayers and other stakeholders on their rights and obligations.

6.8         To issue tax forms and provide timely and accurate information in a simple language.

6.9         To facilitate effective communications to taxpayers and other stakeholders. 

6.10      To cooperate with taxpayers and other stakeholders in a manner that shows respect, dignity and a customer focused attitude.

6.11      To cooperate with the Tax Appeals Board/Tribunal and Courts of Law by ensuring timely attendance and provision of evidence in order to resolve tax disputes.  In the process TRA will respect judicial decisions. 

6.12      TRA will provide advice to the Government and other government organs on matters pertaining to fiscal policy and its implementation. 

6.13      To offer professional training on tax matters to stakeholders. 

6.14      To provide feedback for tax evasion information provided by taxpayers and the public, and in case of tax recovery, the provider of information will be awarded 3 percent of tax collected provided that the amount of reward will not exceed Tsh. 20 million.

6.15      TRA officers have an obligation to show respect when they are performing their duties or when the taxpayers need any service from TRA.